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Custom Bodied 633 information requested


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Dear All,

I visited a local fellow yesterday that is restoring a custom bodied 633. The coachwork was done in Paris by Henry Binder. The car is a town car. The restorer is looking for any information folks may have on this car, or any similarly bodied car of any make.

Henry Binder is best known for a re-bodied Bugatti 41. He apparently also provided bodies for Rolls and Bentley.

Below are some photos.

Thanks for the help.





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Guest bkazmer

Francois Vanaret has a website on French coachbuilders - do a quick search and you'll find it. There are some pictures of each coachbuilders work - click on their logo to access it. Jean Binder helped him with the info

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Thanks for the Caddy photo. That is very interesting. Any chance there are more photos of the car? It looks like the driver's top and windshield are very similar, if not identical, to the 633. Also, the raised aluminum belt-line.

The car Tom F is working has a bunch of interesting features. I did not get photos of everything, as my camera is acting wonky. I hope to get back over there soon with a better camera.


I looked at the site, and there are some good photos. Thanks!


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