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Black 91 Coupe FS


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Have not been here in years...

Hello to everyone that is still around.

I have decided to sell my 91 Black Coupe, Saddle interior.... The display quit, so I stopped driving it...

That has been several years ago...

I forget the miles it is over 150K (digital Dash not working)... Engine and transmission are perfect, I have always ran synthetics in everything... AC is perfect R12...

It has Sun Roof & 16 way seat, I had added a Sony remote CD changer and a transmission cooler and Barneys Headlight bell cranks. I am the second owner and have had it since mid 1999.

I have not tagged it for the last couple years, have not started it in the last 3 years. (always figured I would get around to it ...but have not).

I had it in storage but took it out this year and don't want it just setting out.

What I know it needs...

A new owner.


Digital Dash

Rear brake line just sprang a leak (This is what made me realize I need to sell it & let someone that will appreciate this car, get it back on the road).

$2500 OBO...

Located near Wichita, Kansas

If your interested call me at 316 290 9246.. I will get back with you asap.

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