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1931 FWD and 1932 903-906 question


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I have posted this question at a couple of Packard forums in hopes of finding just that one person who has the answer to this puzzle and question.

We know there is a 1931 Packard FWD (Front Wheel drive) prototype that still exist in Maine. The designers were part of the crew from Cord that also designed the L-29 model FWD. From 1927 tests, the Cord crew decided a X brace was needed to remedy torque issues on the L-29. I also know that the 1932 Packard Super 8 and V-12 models from at least 902-906 used a unique design X frame not shared with the lower priced models or following years. This "could" be attributed to the FWD design being changed at the last minute and the frames were already available to them... but not sure?

Does anyone know if the 1931 FWD has a modified 1931 ladder frame or a design similar if not exactly like the 1932 903-906 design that was dropped in 1933?

And, does anyone have photos of them from books or other sources, including clear ones of the 903-906 type?

Any help greatly appreciated to help solve this puzzle of knowing if they share a frame due to the earlier intended FWD launch?



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