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Mercer Raceabout

Guest A1915dodge

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I believe it sold as an after sale at 625K. The car was owned by the estate of David Uihlein (Spelling?) the noted racecar and antique car collector from Wisconsin. If you look at the Mecum website, the car is listed as sold. I know it did not sell on the block (I was there) so they must have put a deal together afterward.

Uilhein bought this car in 1944 as an original runabout from Hamilton Malley of Greenwich, CT. He immediately converted the original runabout to a raceabout and in 1951 the car won a Best of Show award at the Illinois Region AACA meet. Supposedly, he found original raceabout bucket seats for the conversion. I was at the auction and looked at the car and in the trunk were original 1950s era registration tags which clearly listed the car as a raceabout! It was a really great car, and while maybe not 100% original, it was way more authentic then most examples out there. It had a wonderful look to it with great patina. All of the parts were original 1912 Mercer parts including a proper and original Fletcher carburetor, etc.

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Guest A1915dodge

We made they guy an offer of 650 after the auction and he would not take it so why he took 600 hundred blows my mind? They would not release his info they just talked to him on the phone with us there.Plus I waited a mounth so that he would not be held under the auction companys stipulations!

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Guest John Hancox

Hi ,Are you aware that John Boyles Series Six 1925 is for sale.this is one of two surviving Raceabouts the other is in Portugal.This is the last Mercer made so Vince Galloni told John,s Uncle when he bought it from Vince in 1941.It is the only Mercer with the 1925 standard four wheel brakes which let it stop unlike most other Mercers.

It is the only Mercer in the 1925 Series numbers of # 21001 up the chassis # being # 21011,engine # 265A not like the other Series Six carrying the 101- prefix.No other existing Mercer is in this series range.

John was given this car on his 17th birthday in 1957 and has driven and maintained it up to his passing in 2009.I

Have a wealth of Series Six information and photos of this Unique Raceabout if you are interested,I have a Tourer myself ,153 Series Six were we believe the total produced with 8 surviving on the road.

My email is jhmercer@bigpond.net.au.

Cheers,John Hancox

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Guest Silverghost

Ivan & John ~~~

Thank's for contacting me off-forum about this Mercer.

I have a fair size family collection of Brass Era, and Full Classic autos.

I have a real interest in this Mercer.

Please email me several digital photos of this auto.

A photo, or two of the engine also greatly appreciated.

Please email, or call, with the asking price of the Mercer.

Best time to call is over the weekend in the evening.

If you email me your phone contact number I will call you on my "dime".

Any other information or photos greatly appreciated.


Brad Hunter

1 215 947 4676 (Home Phone)

1 215 479 6667 (cell mobile )


As you now know I do not post on this forum much anymore. I have not posted here since last Feb .

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