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Help ID - P & D & Ampco


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I starting to help liquidate an estate. I have a few parts suppliers items that I can not ID with my catalogs. I hope someone can help with ID on these lists. I'll be posting the lists by Parts Supplier. Thanks. Should you have an interest in somthing I'm posting please do not hesitate to ask about the item. Thanks , aacalifeer

P & D

LUC-30 Condenser


AL1531 Condenser

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AMPCO AL1531 condenser has many applications, see the bottom of page 50 of this AMPCO catalog: http://www.thepackardlibrary.com/Prtsmanuals/AMPCO%20CAT64.djvu

The applications for ost of the other parts you just posted recently can be IDed using the same catalog. Just use the cross-reference catalog ( http://www.thepackardlibrary.com/Prtsmanuals/AMPCO%20compartive%20code%20chart.djvu ) to get the corresponding AMPCO number.

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