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That's... odd...


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Guest steveskyhawk

Id be curious to know if there is an additional sticker in the spare tire well.

It is commonly assumed that the early cars had that sticker in that location but by 90 it was going in the well. Maybe the person that put it there at the craft centre was on a long vacation when the memo came out. This is another example of the fact that these cars weren't cookie cutter. Good eye Marck.

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I've seen lots of early cars with the sticker there, but it was long moved by '90.. or so I thought.

Makes you wonder.. there's a lot of possibilities on this one..

Any other Select 60 owners out here? Where is your sicker?

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Guest Recian

good luck finding a select 60 owner, there arent many left. I think it's specific to the select60. There's one on sale on ebay for $25000. try asking him where his sticker is, if it's on the lid.

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