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Can anyone tell me possible value on this?

1967 Buick Sport Wagon - rough condition. Lots of rust on top. Looks okay otherwise..

Not sure on anything else -engine, etc.


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From August Old Cars Report Price Guide,

Condition / 2 seat / 3 seat

#6 / $680 / 700

5 / 2040 / 2100

4 / 3400 / 3500

3 / 7650 / 7880

2 / 11900 / 12250

1 / 17000 / 17500

#6 condition is a parts car, #1 is a pristine car that generally isn't driven. The nicest cars driven to a car show would be #2. #5 condition is restorable. #4 generally functions, but obviously needs help and #3 is the proverbial 20 footer - up close there are definitely flaws.

Rust is expensive to fix. If the car doesn't run, you are probably looking at a #6 condition car. Keep in mind the above is a price guide, a few months old, and a guide is a guideline, not an absolute.

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