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1953 Buick Special

Joseph P. Indusi

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Guest sweetmelissa78

Beautiful! I just got a 53 special my dad restored, he brought it home 20 years ago as a pile of junk and rust and it sat in the garage for many years as us kids took priority over his dream car. He completly went through the engiene and all the other mechanical work and all that was left when he passed away was a few cosmetics on the outside( top piece of front grill and buick emblem on bottom of bumper) and a paint job(never made it past the primer stage) but he eventually had it running and took it on several road trips. I really hope to have it looking as good as your some day, Dad would be so proud to see it like that.

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Guest my3buicks

The 53 Specials are wonderful cars, the beauty of the 53 design plus the last of the straight 8's, nice car!!

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