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Help identify these headlights?

Guest bigtoyz

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Guest bigtoyzII

Can anyone help me identify these 2 sets of headlights? The first pair are Tiltray by Guide. The lens is marked GL-187. There is a red jewl on the side of one, a green jewel on the side of the other. They are approx 10 1/2 -11 inch flat lens and they have a small wing(?) on the top (see pic) and 3 horizontal creases on reflectors. Has a ball mounting area. They were mounted on a heavy duty mounting cross bar that tied the fenders together. They also have a hole in the side (missing jewel ofr connecting wire, or?)

The second pair is also Tiltray by Guide, also a flat lense with a GL 191 10" lens. There is no jewel but a empty hole in the side

Thank you for any help you can suggest for identifying.







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This may be of some help. My 1938 Univ. Catalog lists lens p/n "222399" for models listed on attached picture. I googled "GL-191" and found it associated with p/n "222399" on a 5/2007 h.a.m.b. discussion asking about a Tilt Ray lens. Someone read p/n 222399 and GL-191 off the subject lens, the discussion ended w/o further info.

"Guide" catalogs or listings seem hard to find; many of their lenses only carry the "Guide" p/n's ie, "GL-nnn".


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Guest bigtoyzII

I have spent a lot of time looking through pics and am starting to think the 1st set of headlights are for a '29/30 cadillac or studebaker. They were mounted on a pretty heavy duty light bar. Any '29/30 experts out there that can say for sure? The little crest on the top I thought would be the giveaway.

Besides the lens number, is there any other way to identify the make of the car they came on?

Thank you drwatson and any one else who might have a tip for me.


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