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Truffault-Hartford Friction Shock Absorbers — Hershey O-AB4

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Four sets of four very high-quality reproduction shock absorbers, exact copies of pre-1910 original. Two long & two short (8.75" & 7.25") per set of four, one set with nickel trim, three sets with brass.

Truffault-Hartford stamped in side arms as original, brass data plates deep-etched and painted as original, oiled maple friction discs as original. All steel parts primed and ready for paint. 20 custom-made components per unit.

We built five sets, one for our 1912 KisselKar 4-50 and four for resale. These are the premium four-disc five-arm style. There will not be another run.

For those who want the very best shock absorbers for their fine brass automobile. Price $400 each, sold in sets of four only (nickel trim $425). Limited quantity of extra brass data plates sold separately, $35 each.

Chris Bamford 780-445-0156





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