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Guest scottsoul

Hi all

New here and very happy to have found you.

I have a very specific reason for joining.

I recently took two old trunks that were full of tools out of my Grandmas garage. One a wooden chest which I intended to keep and the other a metal chest which I intended to dump.

Last weekend right before I left for the recyclers I decided to do a search on the metal trunk just to be sure it was junk. The decal inside read Potters manufacturing, Jackson Mich with a patent#

Was very surprised to see that was most likely off an old car. Asked grandma about it she recalled Grandpa and his dad buying a Chevy in 38 used of

course. So in searching for that I came across the beautifully restored Potter trunk offered by your member Mickey M. (31 - 32 Chevy Potter Trunk)

The one I have seems to match up although will need some work as it has been knocking around my grandma’s garage for 70+ years. It is original green with chrome latches.

Will post on the for sale forums this weekend with lots of pictures. <O:p</O:p

While I am looking for a good price (Giving the money to grandma) the most

important thing is that it finds a good home.


great site


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