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TC parts (8v, 16v, and 3L V6)


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Hello all,

If you are in need of parts for your TC please feel free to drop me a line at rick@rdiperformance.com or visit our website at: www.rdiperformance.com

At RDI Performance we specialize in providing factory replacement parts as well as high quality aftermarket parts for your TC. We offer both stock and high performance parts for all three engines. 8v Turbo II, 16v, and the 3L V6 Mitsubishi engine.

We also offer a complete line of quality used parts as well. Email with your needs.

Here are some of the items currently in stock:

New clutch kit (complete, NOS) - 16v only (limited quantity left)

Spark plug valley seals - 16v

Thermostat and both thermostat gaskets - 16v

All new valves, valve springs, guides, etc.. - (high performance) - 16v

Upper timing cover - 8v and 16v

Lower timing cover - 8v and 16v

Upper and lower radiator hoses - all three engines

Timing belts - Turbo II and 16v

Timing belt tensioners - Turbo II and 16v

High performance engine controllers - 8v and 16v (specify which engine when ordering as they are completely different)

Exhaust systems - all three engines

Spark plug wires - all three engines (have OE replacement as well as high performance)

High performance, larger throttle bodies (all three engines)

K&N air filters (all three engines)

Etc.. Etc.. email for complete list

Thanks guys and long live the TC!!:D


Rick Diogo


Your Chrysler/Maserati TC specialist

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Welcome back Rick, been a loooong time since we've seen you here:o Life tends to get in the way of our hobbies doesn't it;)?

Let me just mention to the TC Forum members that I have bought MANY parts from Rick over the last 10+ years and have always recieved the parts I've ordered in the condition as described. Rick is the guy that started me down the path of TC enlightenment oh so many years ago:cool: Also the reason that 16V specfic parts are still attainable:) How are you fixed for factory 16V spark plugs? My supply of the *real* plugs is very low, I can get replacements but they are not the same quality IMO...


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Thanks for the props Alan!!

Alan's been playing with the turbo II engines as long as I have...since 1986/87 when it was first introcuded on the Shelby/Dodge cars. He was under the hood of his 87 GLHS (tinkering) in California......and I was under the hood of our 1986 Shelby Charger and 87 Daytona Shelby Z (turbo II) in Florida. Years later we met and became instant buds.

I've got plenty of OE (in the Mopar box) plugs left for the 16v engine. Same thing with the OE thermostat, and lots of other 16v specific goodies.

Forgot to mention...

I have a really nice BOV kit for the turbo II and the 16v engines. Both kits are totally different so please specify which engine you have when ordering. Everything is made so *anyone* with basic handtools can install.

I'm surprised no one has ordered a stage II computer for their TC from me since that last post...these upgraded controllers increase boost from 7psi (on the Turbo II) to 14psi. A 40-45hp increase. (stock is 160hp and with my controllers it bumps it up to 200hp) Driveability in stop and go traffic (and merging onto the freeway) is improved tremendously!

On the 16v engine it increases the boost from 11psi at wide open throttle to 14.7psi and as a result provides a 40hp increase.

It is recommended that you install the upgraded BOV kit at the time of the upgraded computer because the factory BOV is notorious for leaking boost with the stock engine controller and will almost certainly leak with the upgraded one.

Sorry...forgot to mention for those who may not know....BOV stands for "Blow-off valve" and can be found inside your factory airbox. Our kit relocates the BOV to an external location in the engine bay and the new BOV will hold upwards of 25psi before lifting off its seat.

All performance parts are safe to run and designed to be used together, however you must run premium fuel at all times. (no 87 or 89 octane)

Drop me a line and let's "soup up" your TC!!

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