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WARNING:Your Defective Inner Tubes CAN KILL YOU

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This is a warning to all that have purchased inner tubes for your collector car in the past 24 months (see disclaimer in red). Your tire dealer will probably NOT contact you to advise you of this. I, however, cannot sit by on the sidelines waiting for an accident that might be avoided.

Sometime In the past 24 months several of the major collector car tire dealers may have been selling defective inner tubes that WILL SPLIT APART without warning! I personally know of more than two dozen cases where this has happened. The evidence suggests that these tubes in question usually will say made in Made in Denmark or Made in EEC (the EEC includes Denmark).

Don't expect your dealer to send you a notice. You will probably receive NO RECALL NOTICE from your dealer- consider this your NOTICE. I would recommend if you have purchased tubes in the past 24 months, be proactive. Start with taking down a tire and see what is on the label of the tube. Don't be surprised when you find little or no labeling on them. If you happen to discover you have these tubes, I would urge you to stop driving the vehicle until you replace the tubes with better products. Some of us are looking into motorcycle tubes or industrial tubes. If anyone would like more information than I can supply here due to forum rules, please PM me. Also, anyone with a similar experience, do not sit idle, let the community in on your story. The life you save could be your own.

In Fairness: Two of the companies contacted are not selling these tubes anymore and have made refunds to consumers as requested. At least one of the companies have not sold "the first batch" of these tubes in over a year. One company is now using tubes from another source and the other company believes the manufacturer has corrected the problems and has tested the new tubes in this country without failure. According to all sources there are NO vintage tire tubes being made in the US.

Joe's assumption that ALL tubes marked EEC or Denmark are faulty is not based on hard facts, only anecdotal information. What is known is that some tubes were bad and that the sellers feel the problems have been resolved. You need to make your own decisions on what you have and how you have installed your tube and talk to the sellers if you have a concern.

Tow of the major tire dealers have been contacted and have willingly discussed this problem with us and assured our club that the product being sold now has been tested and are quality products.

Please see all the details including photos of the suspect tubes at my thread on the Dodge Brothers Forum: http://forums.aaca.org/f143/warning-defective-inner-tubes-286287.html

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