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Red 1989 Chrysler TC Automatic For Sale

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Hello Group;

I have not even visited here in almost a year. I have decided to sell my 1989 Chrysler TC. I bought it from a guy in California "about" three years ago. I have found that I rarely if ever drive it.

The issues with it are: 1) the radio is not working, this is probably why I am selling it. I replaced it once about a year and a half ago, hardly every used it and it went out again. (grrrrrr)

2) the windshield washer does not work, I could probably fix but since I hardly ever drive it....

3) I tore a small hole in the passenger side door when I replaced the power seat controls once (grrrrrrr)

4) The little lever that you use to pop the gas tank, the plastic cover that goes over the metal lever is broken.

5) the seats are a little worn. Someone before me had them dyed or colored I believe. They also restored that center console armrest.

6) The mileage reads about 45,000. The guy I bought it from said it had maybe 15,000 more than that. Not sure if I believe him, but I fixed the odometer, it now works. I have driven the car less than 4,000 miles since I bought it and that includes the trip from California to New Braunfels, Texas.

I have replaced the axles with rebuilt axles.

I had a custom exhaust installed (it flat runs with that exhaust)

Just put in a new battery.

I have fixed or had fixed, oil leaks and what have you. I own a small garage so I have had the guys do minor repairs when we have time.

The convertible top is in excellent condition.

I have some pictures of the car posted on craigslist in sanantonio. Here is the link.

Rare 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati

I am asking $5500 for it. Car is in good condition, A/C works. Give me a call if you are interested in it. Craig Murphy 830-481-4441

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Guest jbae12

I am not interested in buying this vehicle, but I just got a 91 tc and I need some brake work on it. I think it is the ABS, Master Cylinder. Do you know of anyone that may be able to help me? It is in Fresno, I live in Redding. Know a mechanic or website for parts.


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