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  1. Well I am still looking for a computer for my TC. The guy at Arizona Parts is on a very extended vacation. Does anyone else know of any places where I might be able to locate a computer? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Craig Murphy
  2. Oops. The shop number is 830-629-0278. Craig Murphy
  3. Well I have been busy with life as usual. I have not yet ordered the computer that I found. Do you think I should order it, or should I go ahead and have the mechanic check the timing and adjust per your suggestion? Thanks, Craig Murphy, By the way, my phone number is 830-481-4441 (cell) or work is 830-481-4441. Just in case you want to call.
  4. Mr. Hemi-Dude; sorry if I was being so vague or was giving so much incomplete information. I live in New Braunfels, Texas, which is about 30 miles north of San Antonio. I bought the car several years ago. I was going to fix it up and kind of drive it around, but decided to sell it after about a year or two. I have a used car dealers license and I sold it to a customer, who ran it into the ground. One day he just left it in the driveway after missing 3 or 4 payments. I also own a specialty garage, called Garland Transmissions. We got a little slow earlier this year and I got this car
  5. The first head was definitely cracked. They showed me the head. The first head had less than 50 miles on it when the car overheated. I never saw the gauge get hot. In fact after they installed the second head, they installed another temperature gauge just under the dash. It reads very different than the original gauge. That is why they started to replace temperature sensors. Craig Murphy
  6. Yes the water pump was replaced both times. The mechanic is pretty experienced.
  7. The problem is that the car is running poorly. Also hard to start. The mechanic says this has to be fixed because the computer thinks the temperature is too high. They replaced the head and the car still overheated. We had to replace the head a second time and that is when we started encountering all of these issues. Craig Murphy
  8. They scanned the vehicle and they said the temperature sensor is registering 274 degrees as soon as they start the car. They have replace the sensor twice. They tell me they have checked all the wires and they believe it is the computer. Craig
  9. Hello, I have not been on this forum for several years. I have a 1989 Chrysler Tc 2.2L Turbo with a three speed automatic transmission. I sold my TC and it came back ruined (head gasket). I had the head replaced, twice. Now they are telling me that I need a new computer. Does anyone know where I might be able to locate a replacement computer? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Craig Murphy
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