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The Crosley Automobile Club National Meet and Show was last week in Wauseon Ohio. We had close to 500 in attendance and about 100 cars on the show field. The flea market was active and sales were reported to be quite brisk. There were around a dozen cars in the car corral. Pat Foster of Hemmings was our keynote speaker and gave an interesting and informative talk. The meet was featured on Defiance, Ohio's TV 26 and is on their web site www.tv26.net (click on the Fulton County Icon and find the Crosley Auto Club link) . The meet also featured an Auburn, Indiana Museum Tour, a Road rally through Wauseon, Ohio, a ladies craft fair, The annual Crosley Games (like reindeer games but a little different) and generally a great time for a great bunch of people with their little cars. We did note attendance and membership is off some from last year (anyone else notice this in their clubs and shows???) but still a fun time for all. Web master and AACA member Jim Bollman should be updating the website with pictures in the next few days. Check it out at www.crosleyautoclub.com . If you have a Crosley, or are interested in Crosleys and are not a member of the club, I would be interested in why not and what it would take to get you to become a member!! Please feel free to let your feelings known!!!

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