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'37 clutch fork clips


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I'm reinstalling the clutch in my '37 Special and have misplaced the two clips that go on either side of the clutch fork to hold the throw out bearing in place. I know I have them, somewhere. If some one could post a picture just to jog my memory I might be able to remember where I put them.

I found them a short while back and just drop them in one of my parts boxes thinking I'll remember where I put them:rolleyes:

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Guest simonmeridew

I'd be interested in seeing a pic of how they go on the ends. I think I have the clips but not sure enough to post a pic. Anyway, I can't figure out how to get them on.


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The clips inserts in the top of the fork and the front of the fork, one top and bottom:



A person on the Yahoo! site was kind enough to post this picture of the actual clip, the crook part is suppose to snap into the divit on the front of the tab on the throw out bearing.


If I can't find mine it looks like I could you a hairpin clip cut down to work.

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I rechecked all the boxes of parts I have and actually found the clips! They were in a box I know I checked at least five times, for some reason I didn't see them before, I think Gremlins.

Anyways, I was curious because they look a lot like hitch pin clips, the kind of clip used to fasten clevis pins. After I found them, and before installing them, I went down to the hardware store to do a comparison and found a pin clip that could easily be modified to work. The package lists it as "1/8 X 2-1/2 Hitch Pin Clip". It was only 50¢.


I'm posting this for future reference for anyone who might misplace there clips. They should be able to do a search and find this post. I did a search but couldn't find anything.

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