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1946-48 Dodge D-24 Coupe

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I have no idea as to the exact year of this vehicle. They were the same from 1946-1948. The PO said that it was a 1946. However, the original owner's manual has "1947" written on the front cover. I also can't tell whether this is a DeLuxe Series Coupe or a Custom Series Club Coupe. Both were available during those years.

The car is in pieces. Vehicle was running when the PO bought it. It's missing all of the running gear (front rear suspension, transmission and engine). Prior owner was going to put in suspension from a Camaro and a SBC, but gave up. The car appears to be complete otherwise. The front clip, rear fenders and front bumper are off. There are parts inside the trunk and interior. Interior is in good shape and intact. Very nice interior. Needs to be cleaned. Windows and locks are operational. I have the original keys. Body is straight. Minor rust in the left rear corner by the trunk lid and on the right rocker. Looks like some rust repairs were done on the bottom of the trunk lid and the left rocker.

Would be a nice little hot-rod. No title. Comes with a bill of sale. DMV has no record of it. I only found one black and yellow (1963) CA plate. I also found the original owner's manual and an original shop manual.

Car is sitting on an industrial four wheel dolly. I'd like to keep the dolly, but will let it go with the car for an additional $100. I can also deliver it within California for an additional fee.

All of the pictures are here: http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrow...der_id=2134004











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