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wanted engine for doodlebug motor scooter

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I need an engine for my restoration project, a 1946 doodlebug motorscooter.

They used a briggs and stratton np model with a kick starter.

The also had a clinton engine, but they are all but impossible to find.

would appreciate any help or info.


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It's been a few months since this thread was started, so I hope you're still looking at it.

You should have a look at the Doodle Bug Scooter wikipedia article (which I wrote) and at the other posts that I did here on Doodle Bug Scooters.

The first thing to do is to determine if you need to find a Briggs & Stratton NP or the Clinton 710 ASLB. Only about 2% of the total number of Doodle Bug Scooters ever built, an estimated 750 machines, had a Clinton engine from the factory. The Clinton is just about impossible to find, as you indicated. Many of them were poorly built and suffered catastrophic failure at some point, plus they were not used in nearly as many other scooters as the Briggs and Stratton NP was. That doesn't mean that the NP is easy to find, though, just that 98% of Doodle Bug Scooters had the Briggs NP engine.

You should also be aware that if you intend to assemble your own Briggs NP from parts that most of the stuff you see on Ebay is not correct for an NP. The engine block that it perpetually listed with a buy-it-now price is NOT the correct block for a Doodle Bug, trust me...I bought one without carefully checking to have as a spare.

The factory built Clinton engine scooters had several changes that go unnoticed to most. First, the Clinton powered scooters will all be marked with a "B" on the serial number tag. The Clinton engines had different engine mounting plates and different floor boards to accomodate the different oil plug location. The gas tank straps and mounting location are also a bit differnt. There are some additional minor changes between the Clinton scooters and the Briggs scooters, but those are the biggies.

There are lots of Clinton 700 series engines out there on roto-tillers and lawn mowers, but there are NOT a lot of 710 ASLB engines with kick starters.

The second issue with the Clinton engine is that they used the fluid drive clutch, not a V-Plex or centrifugal clutch. Those are just about impossible to find. Cushman autoglide clutches and Salsbury fluid drive clutches are not the same.

If you can tell me what your Doodle Bug serial tag says, I can help you determine where it was sold and what model it was.

I'd be interested in seeing a photo, if you'd like to share, as well as hearing about the history of this particular bike.

I hope that helps!

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I have a 1946-47 Clinton doodlebug engine I want to sell.

Model: 701ASLB

700A is basic engine, S = kick start, L = lighting coil

- Dan

That was a nice engine, though I think the numbers are actually 710 ASLB.

I know it's sold, but I'm curious how you found it in the first place. I'm abolutely sure hat particular engine really did come off a Doodle Bug, so just wondering.

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