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1990 TC radio help

Guest ljmoss

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Guest ljmoss

my radio has always worked, with great speaker sound. it is the original.

it has stopped. have a little static thats it.

speakers or radio? what to do? any information appreciated!

are there amplifiers in these cars and so where?

ljmoss in f:)lorida

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Guest My TC Toy

It sounds like the radio has retired. There are amps but they are built into each speaker. If you move around the joystick and NO speakers work it seems it has to be the radio. I assume you have also checked the cassette.

Check a couple of things first. Make sure the antenna connection is secure. Next check the connections to the radio (it is simple to remove) and the ground at the radio and body. Also check for blown fuses.

If you can get your hands on another Chrysler radio, plug it in and see what happens, any similar looking radio will plug right in.

Good luck


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