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65 skylark parts


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for sale!!!!<P>65 sportwagon driverside rocker moulding v.g.<BR>cond.( nevada car)make offer<BR>65 sky hub cap fair cond.m.o.<BR>2 65 sky center caps,some pitting m.o.<BR>64-65 sky hood latch exc. cond.m.o.<BR>65 spec. sky heater assy.(dash)w/switch m.o.<BR>64-65 spec. sky radiator core support good cond.m.o.<BR>64-65 sockets that hold bulbs for dash cluster m.o.<BR>64-65 a-body jackstand base (have 2 v.g.cond.<BR>65 sky hood trishield emblem<BR>65 sky frt. turn signal lens ( n.r.<BR>65 window cranks-inside door handles(paddle)<BR>65-wiperarms(chrome65only)v.g. cond.<P> GKMOZ@AOL.COM

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