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65 Interior restoration Help

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Hey Guys,

Been a while since I posted and I am still restoring my interior. Was putting the door panel on the other day and noticed that the pins on the door panel dont seem to stick into the clips that are in the actual door. I have replaced the old clips with new white clips and discovered that the news clips fir exactly into the holes in the door but the opening for the pins seems bigger, that is why I think the pins wont stick. However some of the pins do stick in.

I am not sure if it is the clips that are the problme or the pins on the door panel. Does anybody know where to get replacement pins or the original OEM clips?

Was also wondering if the pins can come off of the metal strip on the door panel or if they are all one unit?

Any info would be helpful,



65 Custom Riv

R.O.A. 11352

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I just got replacement white inserts for my 65' from Restoration Specialties. Their number is 814-467-9842. The part number is 67-3103-CLP. They fit the door perfectly and the nails grip tight. They also have replacement nails (individual) if you are just missing a couple. You can order the entire nail strip from Clark's as well but it would be a lot more work to install it on your existing door panel.

Good luck!


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