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Pontiac Ram Air information needed


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I have a partial Ram Air Package that I believe is for a 1968 Pontiac model unknown. I cleaned an attic out years ago at an old pontiac dealership. what I have is the air cleaner lid and the part that attaches to the underside of the hood, misc parts,and a couple of tubes that I am not sure if they are part of the package if my memory is working. I have the GM accessory part number but not with me and will post it later .I can't find it listed in any of my Pontiac part books

While I have you Pontiac experts on hand how do I identify a 389 Pontiac shortblock? I have tried useing my Hollender and from a casting number I got off the crank I think it may be for a 1966 GTO but I really do not know.I have another shortblock I got from the same dealership that I have not been able to find anything on that is somewhat larger than the 389,It may be Oldsmobile. is there any Pontiac or GM casting numbers published on the internet that I can look at? I was thinking that since they have been sitting around for so long I should take them apart and have everything hot-tanked and then reassemble them. Any suggestions? Post a reply or email me

And yes when I figure out what I have got I will be offering it for sale on my website www.http://oldsobsolete.com.

Thanks for your help !!

regards gary

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