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  1. Nickelroadster, I am in Montana and I don't know anyone here who can do this but I am afraid to send it half way across the country to a place I do not know to do the work. If I lost this cylinder head I would then have a parts car I imagine. Like a lot of these Marmon's this is one of those only known to exist bodies. It deserves to be brought back to life
  2. Are these items still available?
  3. Is there anyone out there that has any engine valves or guides for My 1927 Marmon.E75 6-cylinder I have 2 bad valves, one intake and one exhaust. Thanks for your consideration. Gary
  4. Damon , Can you tell us what model you have and how many doors? It makes a difference as each model used different moldings. Gary
  5. My wife thinks its time for me to pass my Marmon on down the road to someone else who has as much appreciation for it as I do. It is a 1927 E75 unrestored Rumble seat coupe. Even though that is the case I can't quit looking for the few items I need to make it a complete car. I need to come up with the rumble seat footrest stands but I don't even know what they look like. So am image of what I need would be wonderful. This car has a body built by Robbin Body so is an all steel body and I want to finish the body wood if I can before it goes. I hate half finished projects and I will leave this world with to many I am afraid. I want to at least get this done . I appreciate all the help I have gotten from all the Marmon folks over the years. I have been too sick to keep active in the club. With warm regards Gary
  6. Hi Alec, Those rollers were available from GM individually and there were several different places different rollers were used. Since you ask if there is a difference in regulators between power and manual ( the answer is yes ) I am wondering if you are asking about the quarter window regulator lift arm roller. Or perhaps another guide roller that was used in a different position. Unless we know the year of your Wildcat and what type of windows you have either power or manual we cannot answer this question.
  7. There should be a 4 digit number stamped into the case of the glove box lock. I have a code book that will tell me how to use that code to cut a new key using a Curtis key cutter. Any locksmith should be able to do this for you and it should work in the trunk and door as well. I also have an almost complete set of GM masters for this vintage. Most locksmiths should have these as well. At least that is if they have been around as long as the car has been. Let us know how it turns out
  8. I need some help locating one headlight bezel and reflector for my E75. Is there anyone out there that can help me?
  9. Actually, I am still looking for the plastic strips and headliner material as well. I would love to learn more about making them and visualize that they must be an extrusion and I wonder if a person made the die if you couldn't hire a screw extrusion machine to run of a 500 foot roll. My 58 is a Super 88 original J2 model low mileage but needs a lot of work original paint that is nice, body very straight but someone broke out almost all the glass before I got it. Thinking about leaving it as a survivor car with just a new interior and of coarse glass. Thanks for the interest Gary
  10. If you end up needing parts for your transmission email parts@oldsobsolete.com or you can go to http://oldsmobileobsolete.com/ or http://oldsobsolete.com/ where you will find they have thousands of NOS transmission hard parts for the 60's models They can probably help you Regards Gary
  11. I have several General Motors NOS moldings that I can't identify and I am finally going to ask the real experts. Can anyone help me ? 4841323 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) looks like door 4841322 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) looks like door 4841228 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) 4840250 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) 4840871 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) 4845845 ( brown and yellow GM wrapper) Thanks in advance Gary
  12. Thanks jajolee I have not asked for help with the forums to often and am a novice Please try the link again it should work now
  13. Can anyone help me to identify this NOS ash tray assembly? you should be able to see some images at the following link Thanks in advance Gary
  14. I am looking for the plastic strips that hold up the headlining, one piece or all. Does anyone have any suggestions. I would really like to keep the origional look of the headliner on my Super 88 2dr hardtop Gary
  15. The December 1927 Marmon 75 parts list on page 21 lists 3 locks that were used on the 2 passenger standard coupe one Yale "rear deck lid lock" Marmon part number RBC-5090 located in the top center and two "rear deck lid spring box lock" Marmon part number RBC-5091 located on the top RH and top LH edge of the deck lid. It is the RBC-5091 spring box locks that I am looking for information on. The only thing I know about these locks is the size of mortice they fit in and the screw pattern of the escutcheon screws in the deck lid any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary