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WTB: 1932 President instruments


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I'm looking for a speedometer, temperature gauge, and gas gauge from a 1932 President in good or restorable condition. These will go in the dash of the Indy car I'm building. Here's what they look like in a 1932 President State roadster:


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I found this image of the #34 dash board when Besasie Bros restored car for Brooks Stevens in 1955 era. The 2nd gauge from left is the Oil Level in crankcase, during the races they had an oil canister up in the cowl to drain by gravity to the crankcase to replenish the oil used during the race (one of the riding mechanics duties). Also the 4th gauge from Left is a DUAL temperature gauge, left side is Water and right side is Oil. Stude8


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None of the cars have the same dash today, so it's hard to know what was "correct". Perhaps Bob Valpey's #37 car is the most original. Here are the other dashes:

Mike Cleary's #18 car:


The Indy Motor Speedway Museum's #22 car:


Bob Valpey's #37 car:


And the replica #46 car is also different.

I'm looking for the Stewart-Warner gauges with the little moons on the back ends of the arrows and without the modern S-W logos. So, that's why I'm looking for whatever I can get from a '32 President. These gauges were probably used on some other cars (and boats) of the period, as well. So far, I've got an oil pressure gauge and ammeter I can use. Of course, the original cars had no ammeter because they had no generators, only the magneto.

I'm also looking for a large 4000 or 5000 rpm S-W tachometer to match.

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I always felt the #34 panel gauges were authentic from their age and configuration. If you look at the photo of the #18 body as Chuck Schwab sold it to Cleary way back, hanging on a nail on the rafter is the original dash panel with the same array of 5 instruments. The one thing not authentic on #34 was the draw knob for the chokes that were added to the carbs for street driving.



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