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1950 Buick Trunk pictures needed

Guest ktm858

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I have a 50 Special that I am restoring and when I purchased the car the only thing in the trunk was the spare tire. I am looking for some pictures of a trunk that is either orignal or done as orignal so I can redo mine. Thanks



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Hello I have sent on some photos of the trunk in my car. The felt is from under the parcel shelf and I have since glued it back. My car had 16K miles on it when I bought it so this is very original. The tire is original spare.

I do have a web site but it is down a the moment. I hope to have it back soon as I have so many books ....... about the 1950.

If you are interested in fabric for the seats I have a correct re-run of the grey wool herringbone pattern for the 50.

Michael M Perth Australia



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