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What about posting your car or parts for sale and including the following:<BR>Where you are located<BR>How much you want for the parts or car<BR>and if selling a car what color, condition, etc. Please put this stuff in your post, it's not like the newspaper or other places where you are charged by the word, the more you tell about what you have to sell, the sooner you may find the one looking for what you have, just a suggestion, I know you all agree! <P>------------------<BR>Roberta<BR>BCA TREASURER 2000-2001<BR>BCA PRESIDENT 1998-2000<BR>BCA VICE PRESIDENT 1997-1998<BR>WEBMASTER<BR>Director-Michigan Chapter- Gran Sport Club of America 1989-Present<BR>http://www.geocities.com/buickracer<BR>1956 Special 2 door Sedan<BR>1966 Wildcats<BR>1968 GS-400 Convertible 4-speed<BR>1970 GSX Stage 1<BR>1970 Skylark Racecar - 11.26, 118 MPH, 7/22/00<BR>1986 GN, 4800 miles

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Guest John Chapman

Roberta,<P>Dose the UBB software have a template utility? If so, the good ole webmiester might be able to concoct a standard 'For Sale' form that would have field names to remind folks to include basic info....<P>Just a thought.<P>John

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