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3 65 rivs going to the yard


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I am in the process of selling my building and have 4 65 Rivs laying around. They have to go in two weeks. I have one on the lift with complete 401 engine and the drive train is all there It ran when I drove it on the lift. I do not have time to part them all. I will take off what I want and get rid of the car. Call me if interested at 610-359-8901 eastern time. The cars are located in South Jersey. You will not pay no more than 500 per car. It's a heck of a deal. I am in the process of getting rid of these locally so get to me as soon as possible. Either way they have to go. I will not ship any cars. They will have to be picked up. Hope I can help someone. Gene Guarnere.

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Guest Lowrider70

Hi Gene, this is what Im after, if you can help:

2 x Rear power window switches (plus the 'pigtail' wiring which runs from the switch to the main harness.

2 x 3-way driver & passenger door switches.

2 x rear window regulators/actuators (the 'scissor-action' mechanism which lowers/raises the glass).

Please advise me on what you have, or if not, then maybe someone you know who would be able to help. Thanks.

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