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1924 Packard 1st Series Straight Single 8 Cylinder


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Stanley Steamer Person Needs Packard Information:

I have been asked by a friend to learn more about this 1924 Packard. The VIN number is 204101. It is a Single Straight 8, I am told and it started life as a 143" wheel base (long wheel base) limousine before being cut down to make a farm truck. The farm truck was never built and the car rusted away for many years. It has been in side for a decade or two.

The engine is stuck and the starter was removed long ago. However it does have an uncracked manifold, the generator, carburator, vacuum tank, water pump, fan, radiator, and other parts. There is a front axel but the rear axel is not Packard. The car came with disk wheels with a six-bolt pattern. There are at least two wheels and maybe some wire wheels.

Other than that, I don't know very much. What is something like this worth? And who would be interested. Yes, it is for sale.

There are also front and rear axels for a 1928 Packard with five wire wheels that have an 8 bolt pattern.

Thank you very much. You can email me at donhoke@tx.rr.com, www.vintagesteamproducts.com www.stanleysteameronline.com










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Wow, that sure is an interesting intake manifold. Is that a spark plug mounted in the manifold upstream of the carb? Of what use could that have?

I can't even imagine trying to restore a car that is that far gone. I would be tempted to sell that car as parts. It may be easier for many people to restore the bits one at a time to get their cars going rather than trying to save this beast. On the other hand, it might make a nice speedster......still wouldn't be cheap to get it back on the road though.

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