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54 mercury

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Can someone tell me if a 4 barrel intake for a 312 ford fit a 54 mercury 256 I have a 4 barrel on the 54 but it is what they call a teapot or upside down and I have adapters but they what fit I'd like to change it so I can put a new carb, on it like AFB or holley any help. THANKS

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Guest Bob Call

54 Merc and 54 Ford Police Interceptor were both 256 ci and used the same heads and intake. Some 55 Ford trucks used the 256 but from Hollander interchange appear to have different heads and intake. 55 and 56 Ford 272 ci engine is same block but different heads and intake. Looks like your 54 256 ci 4 barrel is a one year only. You might check with an aftermarket company like Offenhauser to see if their 272 intake will fit.

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