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The multinational side of the SVVS Help Page has provided two answers that this car is a Stoewer from Germany. “The car looks indeed like a Stoewer - the mansard type of bonnet seems typical. Picture in 'Autos in Deutschland' has a similar car titled: "Long-distance voyage Stettin – Paris – Stettin 1903. Bernhard Stoewer on his way with a 40 hp Stoewer motor car.” Both disagree with the book photo saying it is probably a 20HP not 40PS.

Our picture is somewhat remarkable for being a Rear-entrance Tonneau in spite of – it would appear - not being chain driven. “In fact the Tonneau fulfils exactly the original meaning of a rear Tonneau (barrel) bodywork by having seats in the front corners; all around the barrel, as it were. The letter P in the registration means a fairly large part of the Swedish west coast north of Gothenburg with Älvsborg as its more or less centre.”

Kind Regards

Vintman (UK)


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