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1930 Cadillac V-16 7-passenger sedan for sale

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In 2006, a Series 4375-S V-16 seven passenger sedan was sold as part of the J.C. Stevens estate by RM Auctions. The current owner of the car (a very complete and straight "driver") is seriously considering removing and selling the engine, replacing it with a modern drive-train and transmission so he can drive the car. Craig's list link follows:


I am posting this information in the hope that someone can save the car from such a fate. I have spoken with the owner, but I have no stake in the matter, except the wish to see the car find a good home. The car needs some work, but it's a great HPOF specimen. The link to the RM Auctions write-up (and photos) is:


Chris Cummings

Manassas, Virginia

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My question is why did this guy buy the car in the first place? The ad says the engine runs, why replace it? Tewll the guy to sell it as a cxomplete car & take that money & buy a 1950's cadillac that he can drive.

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