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Old Delco Parts

Guest prof pat

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Guest prof pat

We have six very large boxes of old delco parts, they appear mostly from the fifty's and sixty's But I do not know what their applications are does anyone have any old delco books that can help? here are a few:

lever #D-4900

Regulator #1116777


Regulator #D-621

Switch #D-971

Switch #D1434

Thanks for you help in advance.

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D- 4900 - you have a PM with the applications

D-4910 1992-1993 GMC K1500 -

D-971 1967-1968 Chev truck C20-30 3-53 -GM 1115510 W/1113183

D1434 1961 - 1963 Chev Pass - GM 1116610

D621 1962 Corvette - GM 1109002

(also cross references to 1957-1962 models)

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Guest prof pat

Old delco parts identify...more

Ignition switch #D1406A

Vacum Advance #D1315 and #D1307

Switch #D 902

Regulator #D651

Switch #1997845

Regulator #D611

Advance #1364

Regulator #D646 & #D649 & #D648 & D657 & D654

Switch #D926

Vac Advance #D1335

Starter Selinoid #D961

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Ignition switch #D1406A GM 1235603

Chevrolet and GMC Trucks 1967 - 1972; P and G Vans 1973 - 90 (Swt on dash)

Switch #1997845 1950-1954 Chev W/PG &W/O back-up

55 Truck W/H.T. (1st series)

Vac Advance #D1335

1953-1954 Chevrolet including Corvette

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I am in phoenix and can help identify your parts, I have extensive parts books, and also I am a buyer of nos parts. If you want to sell them let me know or if you just want to identify them, I will help you. email me back with your phone number and what time is best to contact you and I will do so. David

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