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'25 Standard Six wheel problems

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Hello -

I have a '25 Stude Standard Six.

The wheels have the wooden spokes.

When the car gets up to 25 mph it shimmies and shakes like crazy.

Some of this may be in the front end which i am addressing, but I suspect that the majority of the problem is in the wheels themselves.

The axles are fine.

Some of the spokes are loose, and the metal rims seem to be warped/out of true.

I've tightened the spokes as best I can but some of the holes are stripped.

I haven't soaked them yet and will, but I feel they need more serious attention than that.

Can anyone recommend a wheelright or a wheel rebuilder/specialist?

Many Thanks

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Guest stude8

While your wheel conditions may contribute to the shimmy fault it is probably more related to "Caster" alignment of the front axle caused by sagged out leaf springs.

Read this link about the correction methods for the shimmy fault, be sure to go through all the replies that eventually get to the exact wedge installation instructions.

If you have an Amish community nearby they will likely have a wood wheel repairman locally who could help.



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