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Guest Dans 77 Limited

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

About 1-1/2 years ago the Electra and the Skylark were both used in a couple of movies. I havent heard anything concerning either movie since then. Until tonight. I saw a trailer for the movie "Adventureland" on TV tonight and that was the second movie that our cars were in. Its going to be released April 3rd in the Pittsburgh area. As long as they werent edited out my Electra is used as a background car in 3 seperate shots. One of them is an actual driving scene where my friend and fellow chapter member Kevin Rettenauer is passing me in his 73 Riv in traffic. Also used in a background shot is my wifes 67 Skylark and another chapter members 76 Electra. I dont know if any of these shots ended up on the cutting room floor but I will be there April 3rd checking all the background shots.


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