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  1. Hi John, Yes that’s always the case...I took a break from shopping for a while. Thought I would just peek in and saw your ads. Always good to have a backup of hard to find parts. I’ll keep browsing and hope to buy from you in the future. -Frank
  2. Hi John, Frank again! I have the same question about this carb as I did on “the one that got away”... Does the starter switch contain the cam? If so, and still available, I would like to purchase the carb. Thanks, Frank
  3. Hi John, Thank you for responding. I see you have another AAV-16 posted for sale as Carb #2. I’ll respond to that post. Regards, Frank
  4. Hello John, Does the starter switch contain the cam? If so, Can I please be next in line to purchase if Buicknutty decides not to? Thank, Frank
  5. Thanks John! I located the photo of PS 273 across the street from the Packard Service Department, even if only the pumps appear at the far right. -Frank
  6. I could not find a picture of the Packard Dealer, but did find the service garage. Could this picture pre-date it becoming Packard? then and now....
  7. Yes correct there should be hyphens, so 97-02 through 97-20. John S. Thanks for the info! I’ll see what I can find.
  8. These storefronts on Jamaica Ave are 9702 through 9720. I had to back down the street to get the correct angle for the “now” picture, and must be in front of a different address.
  9. I see the mounting holes for the Packard sign are present in the “now” picture, so that means the Oldsmobile storefront is gone. -Frank
  10. Hi Paul, I’ll see what I can find. Love this thread, great pics in here. Let’s keep em coming! Thes next pics are from another angle. See Pontiac on the corner. Looks like Packard is gone. Relocated? Oldsmobile is on the far right of the shot -Frank
  11. O.k. Found another one...a Pontiac dealer on Jamaica Ave Woodhaven Queens. Then and now. I searched but cannot find the dealership name. It looks like a few dealers in a row. Pontiac, Mercury, Packard, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and can’t see the whole sign but I think Studebaker, all between 97th-98th streets. I’ll post some of them next. -Frank
  12. I don’t post often, but just couldn’t resist ...this Buick dealership at 18230 Jamaica Ave. in Hollis Queens N.Y. Then and now. Anyone know the name? -Frank
  13. Nice collections...I didn't see any like this, so I thought I'd share...my only keychain. I bought it to use but it's too nice! -Frank
  14. O.K. this wasn't last weekend but...on 8/23 me and the family participated in a re-enactment of the first Port Jefferson Hill Climb of 1910, followed by a car show of the 60 cars that participated. Good times!
  15. Thank You Centurion! Your Electra is looking good too. Love those angry eyebrows and hope to own a '59 someday. -Frank
  16. We had our Spring Dust Off last Sunday at an assisted living community here on Long Island. The Long Island Buick Club brought the car show to them and everyone had a good time. Put about 75 miles on my 47' Special and she ran great.
  17. Hi Mr Earl, That's Morticia and Uncle Fester in the speedster. I wish I could make the Avatar bigger. The second one is Uncle Fester, Wednesday and Pugsley in a 1907 Renault. I'm a fan of Charles Adams of who illustrated (among many others), the "Creepy and Kooky Adams Family" for the New yorker, that we all know from the original TV show. Charles adams was also a car guy. He died after suffering a heart attack in his car just outside his apartment building. His wife said he was always a car buff "…so it was a nice way to go" yesh!-Frank
  18. Hello everyone, We got our Christmas tree, went out to dinner and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. Had a great time! -Frank
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