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1947 Chrysler Windsor C38 hydraulic gearbox


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G'day......does anyone have a wiring diagram for the C38 hydraulic gearbox. It changes up but will not change down via the kick down switch. The switch in the carb is OK as have tested it. Any ideas would be most welcome.

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Your note doesn't indicate whether the transmission is automatically downshifting, as it should, when road speed drops below 10-12 mph in "high" range. If it does, then your problem is pretty much confined to the carburetor kickdown switch or its wiring. If the automatic downshift isn't working, then some more troubleshooting is in order. The first thing to check is the fuse on the kickdown relay, located on the inner left fender, near the voltage regulator. Sometimes the fuse holder has just become so dirty that the fuse isn't making good electrical contact.

There is a lot of informative and troubleshooting material in the Chrysler booklets available on the Imperial Club website:



Page 21 of the first booklet has a schematic diagram of the transmission's mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical control systems:



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Hi Doug

Thanks so much for the information. Have traced the problem to the interupter on the gearbox. Bad connection and now am back to normal!!! One of these days I must actually re-wire the whole car as I can see many wiring problems on the horizon. As a matter of interst, to my knowledge, it is the only C38 in Australia....was a USA car, LHD, that I imported a couple of years ago.

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