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Here's another unknown


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It looks exactly like the bumperettes used on Triumph TR2/TR3/TR3A rears and the front/rear bumperettes from a '58-'61 Austin Healey (Bugeye) Sprite. In Britain they're called overriders even though they have no bumper to override. With the flat back I doubt it goes to a car that came with bumpers.

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Actually now that I looked at pictures of the 2 cars' overriders on Moss Motor's site I think these are more likely Triumph overriders. The Bugeye overriders have a strong concave curve on the back. The TR units are quite flat like this one.

There are other more rare cars, like the Sabre or Elva Courier, that used similar units. Or They could possibly even several cars used the same ones, a very common practice in 1950s British cars.

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