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Color Change

Guest steveskyhawk

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Guest steveskyhawk

I've got two white 91 coupes and i often toy with the idea of making one a polo green. They both have saddle interior. The subject car is strait, has no corrosion or mechanical issues.

To the real bodymen/restorers out there; How difficult is it to convincingly change the color of a Reatta? It would be nice to preserve the vin tags and all the plackards.

To the non bodymen/restorers; If you were in the market for a 91 coup would you prefer a nice white car with original paint or a non authentic polo green?

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An ambitious project to do it right. When I say right this means:

- Removal of glass; at least windshield and rear window

- door sills and all exterior trim

- emblems, door handles & locks

- filler panels (front nose, rear bumper etc)

Note: these plastic fillers need flex agent added to the paint or it will spiderweb from movement of the panels. This is best done off the car.

- interior door panels

- most (preferably all) of interior

- all weather stripping on doors, trunk, etc.

All this in addition to the normal preparation require for full repaint (filling, sanding, etc.)

Bear in mind that my preferred approach to this would be to strip the body bare in and out so that all new paint of the new color could be applied where there were no visible paint lines or vestigial remains of the old color - notably around doors, trunk and under hood. Masking/blending will not achieve this "seamless" finished product.

This is a huge and expensive project, even if you do most of the removal/reinstall yourself. I am debating this now myself, as I need to repaint my 91 (arctic white) before the clear coat starts popping.

I am staying with the same color, but really dislike the idea of not fully repainting the door sills/frames, and having a paint line (no matter how unnoticeable) around the rubber window moldings on the windshield and rear window. So, I need to decide how much extra work I really want to make for myself.

Personally, I would only change the color if I had to do a full restoration that required the removal of all items above anyway. Otherwise, it is a major undertaking to do just for a color change. Especially if the current paint is still presentable.

I could be off base here, but I also think a repaint of a different than original color would impact the potential future value more than a repaint to the same color, if that is a concern for you. Others here may have differing opinions on that.

Anyway, that's my take.


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Guest steveskyhawk


I like the way you think. No shortcuts to quality. The underhood area is what gives me pause. Your thoughts on future value are undenieable.

Looking for a corrosion free 91 polo is like looking for a unicorn!

Anybody else?

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Guest CL_Reatta

Got about 50 bucks?

You can have that nice polo green color change for that.

The original creator of this $50 paint job used a Corvair and is found here Click here original $50 paint job but I found a guy that made it much more easier, and faster

click here for the urgraded $50 paint job

Am considering changing my miata to a British Racing green using this process... or just repainting my hood

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Guest steveskyhawk

Trying to find a polo green Reatta or even a black one is tough here in California. It's like looking for a Unicorn. Lots of white ones available. I look every day.

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Guest craig hewitt

hey wouldnt you know it ive got a black one two!!! and my bud just bought a black one thursday 91s are what i try to buy but sometimes the other ones are just begging for a new home Craig

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I successfully had a Russett Brown Triumph Spitfire and an 76 TR-6 changed to GMC Emerald Green Metallic, which by the way is a nice modern switch from British Racing Green. All panels and engine compartments were painted. Don't remember the price, but didn't seem too bad.

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