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Turns out there were four different banjo steering wheels produced for Airflows in 1936. You might need to specifiy a part number to ensure you get the correct one. There were two banjo wheels made - they were identical, except for diameters (17" vs 18") and the splines (in the core) which determine which steering column they can fit. The numbers for 1936 are below. The steering wheel part number is cast into the plastic and can be found on the back, near the rim.

17" C9 659240

17" C10, C11 660026

18" C9 660022

18" C10, C11 654709

As it turns out, for my C9 column, I need a 659240. I bought one without realizing the all variations made and ended up with an 18" 654709. I've been hanging on to it hoping I could trade for the one I need.


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Guest Loren Hulber

Hi Tom,

It has been a long time since your posting, but do you still have your 18" banjo steering wheel and are you willing to sell it?




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