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  1. Try Andy Bernbaum in New England - a search will easily find him. he's got all kinds of stuff for Chryslers. Tom
  2. Paul, Turns out there were four different banjo steering wheels produced for Airflows in 1936. You might need to specifiy a part number to ensure you get the correct one. There were two banjo wheels made - they were identical, except for diameters (17" vs 18") and the splines (in the core) which determine which steering column they can fit. The numbers for 1936 are below. The steering wheel part number is cast into the plastic and can be found on the back, near the rim. 17" C9 659240 17" C10, C11 660026 18" C9 660022 18" C10, C11 654709 As it turns out, for my C9 column, I need a 659240. I bought one without realizing the all variations made and ended up with an 18" 654709. I've been hanging on to it hoping I could trade for the one I need. Tom
  3. No, I'm afraid there's not much of a pattern left to duplicate; only dimensions for overall size.
  4. Does anyone know of anyone making replacement floor pans for 1936 Terraplanes? There's pans made for Chevys and Fords of that era, but haven't yet found anyone who'll make a front passenger side pan for my '36 Model 62. Thanks, Tom
  5. I'm looking for the cover that fits over the bendix spring on my '36 Model 62, which was missing when I got the car. Any ideas where I might be able to find one? Also looking for a choke stove for the same car, with the carb with climatic control. Thanks, Tom
  6. I'm restoring a '36 Terraplane Custom Series 62 4 door sedan, and would like to convert the front brakes to disc. Has anyone found a kit available for this?
  7. I've figured out the Series 62 Custom has a number of little upgrades, such as dummy light indicators in the dash instrument cluster, the climatic control on the carb, and a series of switches along the bottom edge of the dashboard for control of optional features. I'm sure there's more, but that come to light so far.
  8. I'm new to Terraplanes (Just bought a '36 Model 62 sedan) and it appears the front fenders should be interchangeable between coupes and sedans. I know most other body parts are not, but can anyone confirm if the front fenders are? Are there any '36 Terraplanes which have the right front spare mount but also suicide doors? Thanks, Tom
  9. Your problem may have more 'dimension' than you first think. Some '36 Airflows like my C9, take a skirt 17" x 31". Other '36 Airflows (longer wheelbase) will take a skirt 17.5" x 31.5". They are different part number skirts and of course are not interchangable. I eventually had to take a decent pair of 17.5 x 31.5 and have them cut down to size to fit - same latching mechanism still worked, but what a hassle. But I did get them... Tom
  10. Phil, The Airflow Club is a great place to get parts otherwise unavailable. The Club Store offers repro window rubber, weatherstrip and the like. Some are produced by Metro or Steele, but Club prices are better. The newsletter also has parts available from individuals as well. Andy Bernbaum (oldmoparts.com) is also an excellent source of parts. But Airflows are very rare and parts for a specific model may or may not be available depending on what it is you're looking for. Then the possible Parts Car search comes into play (IF you can find one - that scarcity thing again). Tom
  11. Hi Phil, I'm in the middle of restoring a '36 C9 here in California and would be glad to help out with some pointers. Please send me an email at airflowzephyr@yahoo.com. Thanks, Tom
  12. Can anyone enlighten me on the differences between the 1936 Terraplane Model 62 Custom, and the Model 61 Deluxe? Was there that much difference? I'd also like to find out about '36 production numbers. The Tech Details site indicates a total run for all models of Terraplane for 1936, but doesn't break it down. Anyone know where this info might be? Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi, Any chance of getting a copy of the photo? Thanks! Tom airflowzephyr@yahoo.com
  14. Haven't gotten there yet. I won't try to match original fabric, but plan to recreate the original art deco stitching design. I'm looking at some local guys who have a pretty good rep. Tom
  15. Yes, I'm in the middle or restoring a '36 C9 and would like to find out what all you have available. My address is airflowzephyr@yahoo.com. Thanks, Tom
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