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1969 Rocket 455 Block

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How could we place a value on a 455 Rocket Engine(1969) that has never been in a vehicle, it was given to a local High School shop teacher in 1969 from GM direct?

It was never used for teaching purposes and has been collecting dust for near 40 years.

The shop teacher recently retired and the High School allowed the teacher to keep it.

Any suggestions???

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Has it ever had oil pumped through it? Or been turned over once and awhile? Even Storeing it in a controled enviroment for that long without oil or turning it over every so offten, it can still create a slight ridge in the cylinder walls. Exposed metal seams to attract moisture. That being said, it will make someone a nice block to rebuild. I personaly would tear it down just to make sure no corrosion snuck in and put new bearings in. New valve guide seals, some polishing on the crank and other parts, and away you go. Value is a hard thing to pin down. The olds 455 is still fairly easy to come by. I've paid as little as $25.00 and as high as $400.00 for a used 455. But this block shouldnt need any new parts since there still new. $600-$700 would be my top dollar. But it depends on how much someone wants it.

Where is it located? I for one would be interested, as I'm sure others would be to!


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I agree - $750 is a market value. It wiould need torn down. Inspected - but I believe everything should be OK in there. Surface rust sure, but that should be polished off and not require heavier removal methods. Plus, that has to be some nasty oil in there if it has oil in it.

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