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  1. Not sure if this guy can help, but give him a call. Did a great job on my 67 f/85. Located by Eau Claire WI. Rich Wright Wright Way Upholstery 1-715-287-3341
  2. There asking $14500 but, there open to a reasonable offer.
  3. Heres a couple more pics! Anyone with a real interest in this car, I will PM you my phone no. Tom
  4. I have a 57 Olds 88 for sale. $14500. Nice car. Pics and brief description in the general for sale section. Tom
  5. The brother of a friend of mine recently died and the family want's to sell his 57 88. VERY nice original (They say its original and it's hard to argue it's not) 40556 mile car. The only thing I see real wrong with the car is that someone put a aftermarket antennae on, but there is no radio in the car? Go figure. Anyway here are a few pics I took of the car. There are scraches here and there, but should buff out nice. Chrome is very nice. A couple of dents in the rear bumper. Interior is in great shape. They couldn't find the trunk key so I took the glove box lock out and there going to have a key made. Should be the same as the trunk. If it's not we will get in through the back seat. The family dosen't know aything about cars so they want me to try and sell it. If I had the money I'd buy it myself! I can email more pics that I have. I can always take more if someone wants. This car runs and drives out very nice The car is in Strum, WI. South of Eau Claire WI or 90 miles East of Minneapolis/St Paul MN. I'll be happy to help anyone interested in this car. Looking to get $14500. Thanks Tom Petersen
  6. Heres a picture I took of my shop when I could still get in there!
  7. Back when I was 17, the girl I was madly in love with for that week and I were going to the local drive in. On the way we got behind a car that was going slow. Well, to slow for my taste. It was a very winding road with few areas to pass. The guy in front of me must have thought I was following to close (which I probably was) because he kept pumping his brake lights. When I got the chance to pass, I kicked the 63 Olds Super 88 (my mothers car) into passing gear and as we went by, the lovely angel sitting next to me droped her pants and mooned them! The look on the faces of the Mom, Dad and the 3 kids in the back seat was priceless!(what went on the rest of the night is another story not ment for a family site) Many years later while sitting at a table with my wife of 6 months (31 years ago!) and her parents, they were telling me a story of the night when a big Old Oldsmobile passed them and they got MOONED! At the tender age of 13 (she's 4 years younger than me) my wife got to see her future husband in one of his finest moment's.(there were many! this is just one of the more memorable ones) I did tell my wife it was me and Becky and her responce was "Oh that tramp! Well that explains alot!" Becky was in my class. She hasn't been to any of my class reunion's We've been too, but Might be interesting if she dose! But after this many years she might tell Becky how lucky she was that she didn't end up with me!
  8. I don't want anything for it. It's just laying in my pile of books. You can PM me your mailing address or email it to me and I'll send it your way. Mines a 67 manual but I would think not much changed from 66 to 67. Tom lomond@triwest.net
  9. Susan wrote: Hey if you are only going to get 8 miles per gallon get one of these. At least you can sleep in it and you have a bathroom. Oh! but I love the sound of the 430 HP 455 cranked out! The back seat works great for sleeping and being part of the male species, the whole outdoors is our bathroom! Tom
  10. This weekend's suppose to be the best weather so far this year here in Eau Claire Wisconsin, and I'm stuck working nights! I drive the 67 f/85 to work once and awhile when I'm on the day shift, but I won't leave the car in the parking lot at night. My Insurance says "no daily driver" too. No! it's not some pricless show peice, but my regular insurance won't cover my 67 for $16,000 either. To my regular insurance co. it's just an old car. But just in case the 67 is covered for just liability. That's just $130 more a year. The 72 H/O is only driven to shows and cruises. But at 8 miles per gallon! I don't put many miles on it anyway.
  11. Dave I have a 67 Olds chassis service manual thats in pieces. I use it in my shop for a reference when I work on the Cutlasses. The back half of the manual is for the Toronado and I don't need that part. I will send you that part of the manual if that helps. It has a schematic of the headlight vacumn and wiring your looking for. If you want it, send me your mailing address and I'll ship it out to you. Tom
  12. You will need to scuff up the area your going to paint. There might be residue from past polishing on there. The wash with a degreaser. Dawn dishsoap works great! I like to dry the parts with compresed air to make sure all the water is out. I always use rubber gloves when I wash parts, because no matter how clean your hands are the paint will not stick well where you touch it. And larry was right! Remove the painters tape before it dries. I used finger nail polish on some of the Rocket emblems for my Oldsmobiles. Tom
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