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70 Olds Cutlass SX cruise control problem


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I am having trouble with my cruise control. It was not a factory option. I had the cruise control installed recently. It is the stock Olds cruise control and was installed using factory instructions. When cruise is engaged while climbing hills the speed decreases (65 mph to 45 mph) and when I am decending downhill the speed increases (65 mph - 80 mph). Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? Thanks.

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This is a completely stupid suggestion, but I think I would try swapping the vacuum lines on the transducer. Sounds like it is pushing when it should be pulling, and vice versa. Sounds like the vacuum is being applied and released on the wrong sides. But, swapping the lines may have no effect. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it. It'll either cure the problem, or it won't work at all. Or it'll do exactly the same thing. May create a vacuum leak that'll make the car run poorly, so you'll want to put the lines back if that doesn't cure the problem.

The '71 shop manual I have says nothing about your problem. I had a '72 that used to just accelerate when it was set on the level. It needed an adjustment at the regulator and it was fine. Doesn't sound like this is your problem, tho.


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