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Seeking Bay City Michigan Restoration Shop


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Folks, Happy Thanksgiving.

In my quest for Maxwell differential parts I've been given this information of a possible source:

"The shop is located on the waterfront in Bay City, Michigan and restores all kinds of cars. There is a large showroom and warehouse of tons of NOS parts of many cars."

My lead said they were restoring some Maxwells and he discussed a 1908 Ford Model S that was for sale.

Does this ring a bell with anyone as to the name or contact information of this shop?

Thanks for your time, Howard Dennis

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Guest simplyconnected

The whole Saginaw/Bay City area is on Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron, Dennis. Call these places, they are very friendly in Bay City/Saginaw:

Horner Terry Body Shop

2101 Woodside Ave (at Water Street)

Bay City, MI 48708

Tel: (989) 895-8901

Tom's Auto Body

1318 N Washington Ave

Saginaw, MI 48601

Tel: (989) 753-4845

Ken's General Repair

400 W Remington St

Saginaw, MI 48602

Tel: (989) 754-9031

Coleman's Auto Collision

520 Union Ave

Saginaw, MI 48602

Tel: (989) 752-2522

PTS Auto Service

200 Salzburg Ave

Bay City, MI 48706

Tel: (989) 892-0920

There are more body shops, but start here. Any one of them will steer you in the right direction.

Hope this helps. - Dave

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Guest simplyconnected

Sorry nobody searched for you during Thanksgiving Day. I just Googled, Body Shops in Bay City MI. It's something anyone with a computer could do. I think most of these guys on AACA have more of a life with their families than I do, that's why the lack of response to your request. Give them a few days to get back home from out of town and they'll be back.


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Actually what bothered me was I thought the holidays too until I noticed that topics the same time as mine were getting responses and sometimes being read by scores of people. I really thought I'd get the name of the shop here in just a few moments. Seems like people just don't care anymore including several I called on your list. They had no idea what I was talking about nor did they care to help. Guess maybe they didn't want to be there.


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