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Brass Era Leaf Springs


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I am well along in the restoration of my 1911 IHC J-30 touring only to find that when removing the springs that five of the seven leaf springs on one of the rear full elipticals are broken in two. Based on the rust, this happened a long time ago when the car was in use, and it has been stored since 1921. Does anyone know of someone who can manufacture new leaf springs? While I am at it, I would like to send all four sets of leaf springs to the professional who could not only duplicate the broken springs but disassemble, clean and examine the other sets to make sure they are safe to use on a car intended to be toured. If you know somone who could help me, please let me know. I can email photos of the broken and good springs to you if that would help. Would be interested in buying springs too. Best to reach me at edfors@charter.net.

Thank you! Tom Edfors

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