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29 Packard

Guest REO&packard

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Guest REO&packard

I came across a 29 Packard five years ago and have since been trying to get the it out of the 1896 carriage house it has been parked in. Well the ball started to roll, and plans are to take the 29 out in the spring. I am looking for general information on the Packard as I am new to them (REO’s have been my thing for years) I guess you could say I am diversifying my interest! I will try posting some photos.

The elblems on the center on the passenger doors, what does it show or stand for?

Is this the limo or is it the sedan?

I am slowly finding out the local history of this car and it is a very interesting one at that! I will try to get a background story posted some day.

Thanks in advance for any help.




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Welcome to the forum.

Neat find. How does the interior look?

Your car is a 1929 Series 633, identifiable by the two-block long wheelbase and having hood louvers rather than four individual doors.

It appears to be a limousine. If it has a division window, it's a limousine. If it has no division window, but has jump seats (extra fold-up seats in the back), it would be called a 7-passenger sedan. If it doesn't have jump seats or division window, I think it would be called a gymnasium. laugh.gif

Interesting that it doesn't have sidemount spare tires.

The "logo" on the side of the door is a monogram, probably put there by the original owner. They were available from the dealer, or one could have been custom made/painted. I can't quite tell from your photo if this one is painted, or if it's a metal piece.

Another clue about this car being "original" is that it has never been retrofitted with an updated water pump, which would have been mounted on the driver's side of the engine and operated with a fan belt. We had a 1929 phaeton that went to Guatemala when new and was also never retrofitted. We could never get the pump to work long enough to last a whole week's tour. We must have rebuilt it five times.

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Guest 1928Packard526

REO&packard —

I believe your find is missing its S-W vacuum fuel pump. Other than that it appears to be an amazing find. Such finds are getting rarer and rarer.

This should make a worthy and beautiful restoration. I wish you all the best with it.

Packards were amazingly well engineered and built vehicles in their time, and parts are not that difficult to find, especially since you are REO experienced.http://forums.aaca.org/images/icons/default/smile.gif

Do you have access to the car to take more photos? I am particularly interested in the interior upholstery as a reference.

Pete P.

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Guest REO&packard

Thanks for the help and thanks for posting those photos as well. The interior looks to have been redone at some point before the 50's. Not sure, but I will try to get over to the shop and snap some more photos. She truly is a "barn" find, but more importantly she is all there. Thanks.

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