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2012 Lincoln prototype makes its debut!


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Today, the Ford Motor Company released pictures of the prototype 2012 Lincoln making its laps around a test facility. Regarding the styling and name of the new Lincoln, chief designer Ed Spagnolo noted, "Frankly, we think the public has grown tired of Japanese-inspired styling, which has resulted in cars that look like mutant blowfish or Pokemon characters. And while we haven't decided on a name yet, we're going to avoid dopey sounding ones like 'Eventua LX' or "Obscuren 3.0." Chief engineer Augie Vagnini also shared some information about what's under the hood: "The car will have an exotic V12 with, get this, valves in the *block* rather than the head. We think we will be the only one on the market with such an engine...."

(Thanks to the malcontents at Color-ite for the photo)


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