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FS - 1948 Buick Super (mild custom)

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Greetings AACA,

straight 8, 248ci. with good compression, 3 spd manual trans, dual stromberg 97's, (fresh rebuilds) sitting atop factory 2x2 intake, split exhaust manifold. pertronix conversion installed. excellent oil pressure, factory gauge still works. electrical system rewired 3-4 years back... horn & interior light works. (need a horn in LA traffic).

comes with new coils for front & rear.

4:11 rear gears, it is slow on the freeway... i have 3:58's from a '52/'53 Riv., gears look great.

new master cylinder (factory hydraulic), front brakes/wheel cylinders, wheel bearings and radiator all replaced with new components.

some body mods done by previous owner: frenched headlights, '49 ford tail lights, shaved door handles.

passenger door pillar had rust issues,

temp repairs to the passenger side done, was careful not to destroy factory pillars for more thorough repairs at a later date. door closes nicely now.

floors have patch panels, rockers are rusty but are not falling off.

mustang gas tank mounted in trunk... trunk needs to be finished and the decklid will require work or replacement.

interior needs redo, i put in insulation and carpeting for long drives ... makes a huge difference.

bumper chrome flaking, stainless is in good shape... ive got some misc. parts, (side markers, stock tail light lenses, trunk emblem, front bumper guards and fog lamps)... as well as an original 1948 service manual.

paint color is burgundy pearl, needs some touching up..

California YOM plates paid for, just waiting for DMV to send paperwork back. registration is good for the next 11 months, title is in my name.

ill take partial trades, tell me what you have.

<span style="font-weight: bold">please email me for more information if interested. more pictures available. 10hairytoes@gmail.com

located in Los Angeles.


<span style="font-weight: bold">$6000.00 OBO




picture shows 94 carbs hooked up... newly rebuilt 97's are installed now. carb scoops the same.


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