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  1. @Tinindian Thanks for posting images of the article. Would you be able to say what year/month the issue is?
  2. Overall in good driver condition, some oxidizing on the outter surface can be seen in the photos. Thanks $20.00 + shipping
  3. In retrospect, Buick S8's in the performance world are well represented... obviously not as much as other brands.
  4. There are a number of contemporary Land Speed cars with Buick S8's. Their performance is quite impressive.
  5. I havent been to HRR for years due to work. Interesting little racer you've got, is there a build thread on it somewhere?
  6. Offers welcome. Shipping to the lower 48 is included in the sale price. Thanks
  7. The molding has no rust through and isnt tweaked. Rust has formed on one of the corners but it hasnt gone through to the other side, refer to the photos for some details. $50.00 shipped to the lower 48
  8. Hi Matt, excellent stand you've made. Thanks for sharing. I haven't had a chance to spin my setup a full 360 but there is enough clearance to do a full rotation. Its sketchy to me since Im used to bolting motors in versus clamping. In the middle of reorganizing several tons of old iron but I'll report back with some photos or a video when I actually do spin it.
  9. I haven't spun it a full 360, but clamps fit snugly over the pan rails. Attaching some photos for posterity, in case someone else picks up one of these stands.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, it would appear the clamps grab onto the pan rail. I'll give it a try. If anyone has access to a Kent Moore tool catalog perhaps there is more info. PN U16-4
  11. I moved a 248 ci Buick from one end of the garage to the other while making engine type noises. Hope that counts?
  12. Greetings Forum, I picked up an interesting Kent Moore engine stand from an estate and I'd like to hook up one of my inline motors to it.... I'm wondering if anyone on this forum knows how to get a motor into the cradle? Apparently it had a 320 ci Buick mounted prior to my involvement... its plenty capable of handling it. The only information I've been able to find on the internet is on vintagetools.com... different model though: https://www.vintageautotools.com/chevrolet-tools-engine.html I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Ben. Geez, eleven years... its been that long? Feels like it was just yesterday! I'll definitely post up some build stuff as I get further into some projects.
  14. Greetings Buick fans. I bought a '48 Buick Special Sedanette in 2007 and been a Buick fan ever since. I dont own the car anymore but I've never stopped picking up straight 8's when I find them...as a result I've managed to assemble a small hoard. My plan is to build a few for land speed racing events. -Mike
  15. Greetings AACA, straight 8, 248ci. with good compression, 3 spd manual trans, dual stromberg 97's, (fresh rebuilds) sitting atop factory 2x2 intake, split exhaust manifold. pertronix conversion installed. excellent oil pressure, factory gauge still works. electrical system rewired 3-4 years back... horn & interior light works. (need a horn in LA traffic). comes with new coils for front & rear. 4:11 rear gears, it is slow on the freeway... i have 3:58's from a '52/'53 Riv., gears look great. new master cylinder (factory hydraulic), front brakes/wheel cylinders, wheel bearings and r
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